Core Values

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Core Values:

Safety: Safety is a way of life, every accident is avoidable, and no accident is acceptable.

Integrity: Respect, honesty, and transparency will lead our interactions with family partners, friends and colleagues, and other community individuals.

Quality: Deliver timely and state-of-the art products and services to health care providers, health care consumers, their families, their communities and other stakeholders.

Innovation: High tech products and differentiated services based on state-of-the-art concepts, programs, and technology.

Sustainability: Pursue continuous monitoring and evaluation to achieve optimal results that offer high level of satisfaction to all our colleagues, internal and external stakeholders.

Diversity: Promote diversity and preserve a multi-cultural approach in every aspect to augment learning and to enhance cultural competency and success.

Care: Offer the highest standards ofcontinuous care to all service recipients through our networking colleagues.

Code of Ethics:

LENUS Medical, Inc. relies on Ethical code that delineates the conduct of the colleagues, agents, directors, subsidiaries, and all our networking partners. All group's teammates will receive a copy of the Corporation's Business Ethics Code to acknowledge.

We are proud of our existing colleagues, will continue attracting highly talented resources and we look forward to a prosperous and successful future built around our core values and ethics.



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