How HALO® Works


How HALO Works

The HALO Breast PapTest is the only fully automated, noninvasive NAF collection system designed for use in the primary care office. Its three main components include:

  • HALO Console
  • Patient Interface Cassette with fluid reservoir and adjustable breast cups
  • Disposable Sample Collection Cups

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The HALO Breast Pap Test - a simple 5-step cycle

The HALO Breast Pap Test allows a physician's office staff to perform noninvasive NAF collection in about five minutes. The system incorporates heat, suction and massage in a single, fully automated cycle.

Step 1: Insert Disposable Sample Collection Cups

New Disposable Sample Collection Cups are inserted into Adjustable Breast Cups for each patient.

Step 2: Preparing the Breasts

The nipples are cleansed with the alcohol swab provided. Adjustable Breast Cups are placed on the patient’s breasts adjusted to fit.

Step 3: Suction and Heating and Compression Cycles

The HALO console initiates gentle suction (similar to that of a breast pump) on both breasts. Simultaneously with suction, warmth is applied and then a massage is initiated.

Step 4: Fluid Samples Obtained

Once the cycle is complete, Breast Cups are removed from the patient and any NAF sample is collected with a swab (included), placed into a liquid cytology vial, and sent to a cytology lab for examination.

*NOTE: Lack of NAF indicates that relative risk for breast cancer is unchanged. The presence of atypical cells increases the relative risk by a factor of 2.0 to 4.9. (Wrensch et al, JNCI, 2001)

Step 5: Removal and Disposal of Disposable Sample Collection Cups

Disposable Sample Collection Cups are removed and disposed of at the end of each HALO Breast Pap Test.


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