HALO Specimen Collection, Transport and Processing

Breast Cancer Screening Information for Pathologists


Fine Needle Aspirates


1) Collection

Collect sample directly into 30ml of CytoLyt solution. If specimen must be collected in an intravenous solution, use a balanced electrolyte solution.

Note: If possible, flush the needle and syringe with a sterile anticoagulant solution prior to aspirating the sample. Some anticoagulants may interfere with other cell processing techniques, so use caution if you plan to use the specimen for other testing.


2) Concentrate by Centrifugation

(600g for 10 minutes)


3) Pour Off Supernatant and Resuspend Cell Pellet

Resuspension can be done on a vortexor or may be achieved by syringing the pellet back and forth with a plastic pipette.


4) Evaluate Cell Pellet Appearance

If cell pellet is not free of blood, add 30ml of CytoLyt solution and repeat step 2.


5) Add Specimen to PreservCyt Solution Vial



6) Allow to Stand in PreservCyt Solution for 15 Minutes.


7) Run on ThinPrep Processor Using Sequence 2 (FLU/FNA)

(Fix, stain, and evaluate)






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