Nipple Aspirate Fluid (NAF) Analysis

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  • Most breast cancers start in the milk ducts
  • Cells from Nipple Aspirate Fluid (NAF) can provide clues to a woman's breast health; routine risk assessment will alert a woman and her doctor to cellular changes in her milk ducts
  • A finding of atypia, years before it might develop into a lesion, will allow a woman and her doctor the opportunity to chart the optimal care path

After more than 50 years of research, it is now recognized that almost all breast cancers begin within the breast milk ducts. Clinical studies have also confirmed the ability to detect early cellular changes within the breast ducts—similar to the Pap test detection of early cervical cellular changes—through analysis of Nipple Aspirate Fluid (NAF)

Nipple aspirate fluid analysis can help to identify abnormal cells


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