Lumenair™ EECP® Therapy System

lumenair-slide1The Lumenair™ EECP® Therapy System is like nothing else on the market. It was designed by Vasomedical - the pioneer and world leader in external counterpulsation. Only Vasomedical sells EECP® Systems. Backed by clinical data, the Lumenair™ System incorporates the proven performance of EECP® technology into a sleek, self-contained unit that is easy to use.

The Lumenair™ EECP® Therapy System combines proven medical technology with enhanced styling in a compact model that’s easy to operate. As a result, therapists use it with confidence and physicians rely on its performance at hundreds of centers worldwide.

Key features of the Lumenair™ EECP® Therapy System include:

  • Integrated Work Surface
    Integrated work surface and LCD display, mounted on fully articulating arm. Can be mounted on either side of table. All-in-one design eliminates the need for a console, minimizing floor space requirements.

  • Comfortcurve™ Treatment Mattress
    New wave-like treatment table top with quality foam mattress and pillow provide patient positioning for optimum comfort and compliance.

  • Trinity™ Pneumatic Delivery System
    Significantly limits pressure losses and minimizes intracuff differences to enhance patient comfort.

  • Welded Steel Frame Construction
    Manufactured for long life under heavy use. Integrated panels combine high style with durability.

  • Single Plethysmographic/SpO2 Probe
    non-invasively monitors arterial pulse and oxygen saturation. Pulse waveform is used to help adjust inflation/deflation timing, while SpO2 monitors blood oxygen saturation levels

  • Autochart™ Software
    Software automatically captures patient treatment data during EECP® Therapy. A summary of timed snapshots, which include ECG and plethysmographic waveforms taken at varying intervals, can be printed at the end of each session.

  • ECM Module (optional)
    Automatically transfers and stores patient and treatment data captured by the Lumenair™ EECP® Therapy System to a dedicated workstation. Data management capabilities include, immediate access to stored data, viewing and printing files at a later date, and the ability to integrate with other information management systems.


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