Model TS4 EECP® Therapy System


ts4-slide1The Model TS4 offers EECP® technology and patient comfort. The Model TS4 was designed for maximum hemodynamic benefit along with patient safety and comfort to help your patients achieve the best possible outcomes. Greater comfort equals greater patient compliance.

Key features of the Model TS4 EECP® Therapy System include:

  • Comfort Treatment Table
    The EECP® Comfort Treatment Table utilizes a memory foam mattress to enhance patient comfort. As the mattress moulds to the patient’s body, pressure points and vibration are reduced.
  • High Efficiency Compressor
    Creates less noise during therapy than prior models while improving pneumatic delivery.
  • Built-in SpO2
    Provides spot check or continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation during patient therapy per current IEPR guidelines for heart failure patients.
  • ts4-slide2Integrated ECG Cable
    Provides greater durability, reliability and reduced ECG noise interference during therapy.
  • High-Resolution Touch-Screen Monitor
    Easy-to-view operating parameters constantly provide a visual representation of treatment.
  • Solid-State Storage System
    More reliable than a standard hard drive.

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