The Naviscan Solo II™ High Resolution PET Scanner

With the Solo II, doctors can see cancers as small as 1.5 mm, the width of a grain of rice.

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The Naviscan SOLO II PET scanner produces high-resolution images that provide detail well beyond what is possible in conventional breast imaging. PET technology to an isolated immobilized breast producing tomographic images of lesions with resolution down to 1.5mm. This technology produces valuable clinical data on invasive and non-invasive disease across the continuum of care. From initial staging to ongoing post- surgical disease management, the Naviscan’s high-resolution PET scanner provides a metabolic perspective allowing physicians to provide optimal in breast cancer care management.

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Solo II Data Sheet

  • Gentle breast immobilization allows greater patient comfort and reduced anxiety with no claustrophobia or prone positioning issues
  • Precise lesion targeting through 3-D tomographic imaging and automated software
  • Prompt verification of device position by line source scanning and software overlay
  • High 2 mm spatial resolution
  • Exquisite anatomical detail
  • Short 4-10 minute scan time
  • Compact, portable, easy to use
  • Breast PET-guided biopsy capability

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