slide-home-480x300The DySISmap is created by proprietary software that is an integral part of the DySIS Colposcope. It is upgraded on a regular basis to ensure customers are kept on the leading edge of our clinical and product development programme. In addition a range of support software to assist with colposcopy management is available.


DySIS Colposcope:

The DySIS Colposcope uses proprietary software to collect and manage the image data and to develop the DySISmap. The patient data is stored on the DySIS Colposcope and is used to record and store the Referral Information, the DySIS examination, Treatment and Management Plan information. This patient data is stored in a HIPPA / Data protection compliant manner and can be accessed only through user managed passwords.


Electronic Medical Records:

The DySIS Colposcope software is compatible with HL7 and DICOM industry standards to allow the import and export of patient data to local Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. We work directly with EMR software vendors to allow a seamless exchange of data and have established integration with many systems.





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