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Phantom, an innovative, ultrasound guided, soft tissue excision device utilizing a unique RF-powered loop, is intended to facilitate precise lesion removal while significantly reducing procedure time and improving cosmetic outcomes. Because of its unique shape and cutting ability, the Phantom minimizes the volume of tissue excised, allows for faster tissue removal and creates a uniformly-shaped cavity after the excised specimen is removed.

Minimally invasive technology

  • Percutaneous entry facilitates reduction of incision size and improves case efficiency.

Ultrasound guided

  • Visible targeting and cutting enhances precision and accuracy of lesion capture.

Innovative radio frequency loop design

  • 180º cutting arc eliminates unnecessary tissue removal, while maximizing brachytherapy potential.

Disposable device with no capital equipment

  • Single-use device compatible with standard electrosurgical generators. Eliminates the need for incremental capital purchases.

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