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To be acknowledged as the company commercializing the most innovative and break-through technologies in the medical business

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To introduce, through evidence-based management, new technologies that enhance preventive care, early detection, and improve quality of treatment while containing cost of health care spending

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Our culture rest on five pillars: 1) Pursuit of Excellence, 2) Integrity, 3) Team-work, 4) Transparent Communication, 5) Passion 

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  • What is the HALO Breast Pap Test? +

    The HALO Breast Pap Test is a simple, 5-minute, non-invasive breast cancer risk assessment test that detects cellular changes within the breast ducts early, before larger, potentially cancerous lesions might develop.
  • Who gets tested? How often? +

    HALO is a risk assessment test recommended annually for asymptomatic women ages 25 to 55.
  • Is HALO a diagnostic test? +

    No, HALO is not a diagnostic test. HALO is a risk assessment test meaning that it helps physicians stratify an asymptomatic woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in the future.
  • Does HALO replace mammograms? +

    No, HALO is a complement to mammograms . Mammograms look for lesions (cancer) and are most effective as women age. HALO is looking for abnormal cells, years before they might turn into a lesion, and the test is effective in women as young as 25.
  • How does the HALO Breast Pap Test work? +

    HALO combines warmth , massage and suction to bring nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) to the surface . NAF is found in the milk ducts where 95% of all breast cancers originate. The entire cycle is five minutes and is easily incorporated into your well-woman visit. If you produce fluid, the sample is then sent to the lab and analyzed for cellular changes.
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